Opening Night at Keele

Tuesday 2 May was the opening night for the 2017 Spring exhibition at Keele University. There was an extremely good turnout, as commented on by several people that night. The evening started at 6.00pm and was officially opened by Fiona Cownie the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Keele University. She welcomed everyone for attending and explained the thinking behind the exhibition. Afterwards she introduced John Thirlwall, the Society President, who thanked her and spent some time thanking several members of the Society and Keele staff for their work behind the scenes. John particularly picked out the work by Sue Fox, Mike Reeves, Lesley Miller and Philip Proudlove who had taken part in receiving work, adjudicating, and preparing the posters, catalogue and labels. In John’s own words he said: “I think that the quality of unobtrusive efforts too often go unnoticed and unheralded, but just to let you know that I thought these added much to the quality of the show. I also feel that the quality of the information board and the supportive comments from the Pro-Vice Chancellor and the work of Kerry Jones all deserve acknowledgment from us.”

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