Port Sunlight

On Monday 10 April this year we visited the Port Sunlight Village and the Lady Lever Gallery in Cheshire. We traveled by coach, Robin Hood Travel,(an excellent company to work with incidentally) arriving at the venue in good time to view the Lady Lever Gallery exhibition of paintings and sculptures taking advantage to view several PreRaphaelite works of art. A very worthwhile visit, we really needed more time to take in all of the fantastic exhibits. Lunch was available at several tea rooms and afterwards we all met up to enjoy a visit to the museum where we were treated to a 20 minute film show “Sunlight Spirit” exploring social living through the decades, this was surprisingly very interesting, with many “oh! I remember that”s. Ashort tour of the village gave the opportunity to look in more detail at the unique architecture and landscape. There was also a “Pub” and new garden centre, so there really was something for all. We were joined for the day by a few members and wives of the Stoke-on-Trent Male Voice Choir, WI ladies (fully clothed) and members of my local art group. So it really was a group of mixed interests and everyone ‘got on” famously. A very pleasant day was had by all and some new friendships made. Many thanks to all of you who took part.

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